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Botox and Fillers

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Botox and Fillers services offered in Dallas, TX

Botox® and fillers are two top cosmetic injectables that can minimize signs of aging like wrinkles. At TYHHT® Studios PLLC in Dallas, Texas, DeLinda Wills, MD, administers Botox and fillers safely and according to your aesthetic goals. If you’re curious about what Botox and fillers can do for you, call TYHHT® Studios PLLC or book an appointment online today.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

What is Botox?

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, Botox is one of the most well-known brand names. Another popular option is Xeomin®. They use a neuromodulator to prevent muscle movement in your face by targeting nerves. When these muscles relax, certain wrinkles and fine lines disappear. 

Dr. Wills injects Botox or Xeomin in very specific areas so you can enjoy the cosmetic benefits without freezing your muscles to prevent the facial expressions you normally make. 

As a cosmetic treatment, Botox is specifically effective for:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Chin creases

The treatment smooths wrinkles and creases like these for 3-4 months at a time or longer. 

If you like the way you look after Botox or Xeomin, you can continue with touch-up injections.

What are fillers?

Although they’re also cosmetic injectables, fillers aren’t the same as Botox. They don’t act on your muscles or nerves at all: Instead, they increase volume beneath your skin to restore plumpness lost with age. 

Fillers can assist you with reaching many common aesthetic goals, including:

  • Fuller lips
  • Fuller cheeks
  • Less prominent under-eye hollows
  • A more symmetrical face
  • Fewer large wrinkles

TYHHT® Studios PLLC uses Belotero® hyaluronic acid fillers, which have a smooth consistency and feel natural under your skin. Their results last for six months to a year or longer, depending on where you decide to place them. 

How should I prepare for Botox and fillers?

Whether you’re getting just Botox, just fillers, or both, the preparation is the same. Just like any treatment at TYHHT® Studios PLLC, you should come in for a consultation to make sure injectables are right for you. Dr. Wills plans your treatment based on your goals. 

Before you visit, you may need to stop taking certain medications. Blood-thinning medications and supplements can increase bleeding and bruising after Botox and fillers, so you must put them on pause for about a week. Dr. Wills also advises you to stop drinking alcohol for at least a week before you get injectables. 

After Botox, you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise for a short time and use only gentle facial cleansers and moisturizers.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Botox and fillers, call TYHHT® Studios PLLC or schedule an appointment online today.